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1 x Videographer


4 hours


 Bride prep, guest arriving, ceremony, video shoot outside location

30 second highlight reel


5 to 6 minute Cinematic film


Full ceremony


Film supplied on USB and 2 x DVD or Blu ray




Additional Videographer £200


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2 x Videographer


8 hours


Guest arriving, ceremony, video shoot outside location, reception, speeches, cake cutting, first dance.


2 to 4 minute highlight reel


10 to 12 minute cinematic film


Full Ceremony




Film supplied on USB and 2 x DVD or Blu ray




Home Movie Camera

Now with every package we'll include the loan of this 4k Panasonic Camcorder for free! It will be yours for the day to capture what want to add that special personal touch to your film.


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2 x Videographer


12 hours


Bride prep, guests arriving, ceremony, video shoot outside ceremony location, reception, speeches, video shoot outside reception location, cake cutting, first dance, guests dancing.  


4 to 5 minute highlight reel


15 to 20 minute cinematic film


Full ceremony




Drone footage


Film supplied on USB and 2 x DVD or Blu ray



RAW Camera and audio files

We keep all RAW material (i.e the unedited video and audio files) on our system for at least a year after your wedding. 

We can also offer you the opportunity to purchase this footage from us (supplied on a 1TB external hard drive) at any point within that first year.

This will give you the opportunity to re-edit the film yourself or simply watch everything which was captured on the day.  




Inspire 1 drone

Want to make your wedding day film look even more cinematic?

We own a DJI Inspire 1 drone, which can shoot stunning 4k footage. 

The footage will then be seamlessly added to your completed film. 

The drone can be added to any of our packages. 


CAA Approved


UAV Pilot

No. 11501